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Legacy Giving

Gifts today are important for Strawberry Fields to advance our services and

programs – but gifts tomorrow will allow us to shape the future of serving children,

families and individuals with disabilities. Your legacy can resonate for generations. 

Create a legacy that touches countless lives by including Strawberry Fields, Inc. in your estate plans. Your planned gift can transform our future and ensure that our mission of providing support and care to children, families, and individuals with disabilities continues for years to come. 


Bequest Intentions 

Leave a gift for the future by including Strawberry Fields in your will. This simple step can make a big difference for years to come.  

Sample Wording: 
I give (% of my estate, or $ dollar amount, or specific property) to  Strawberry Fields,  Inc Foundation., located at 3054 Enterprise Drive, State College, Pennsylvania 16801. Please be sure to use our complete name and address: Strawberry Fields, Inc. 3054 Enterprise Drive, State College, PA 16801. 

Choose Strawberry Fields as a beneficiary for your retirement account. This is a simple way to leave a significant gift that will make a lasting impact. 

To donate a retirement asset to Strawberry Fields, Inc, contact your plan’s administrator to specify Strawberry Fields, Inc. Foundation as beneficiary. 

Retirement Designations 

Are you 70 ½ or older? You can donate directly from your IRA or qualified retirement plan. This helps you save money on income taxes and supports Strawberry Fields right now. The IRS provides details about these kinds of donations here. 

At the age of 70 ½, IRA owners may take a qualified charitable distribution for their required minimum distribution from their IRAs for the tax year. This would allow you to make a distribution to Strawberry Fields, Inc directly and enjoy the tax benefit of excluding this distribution from your taxable income and enabling you to still use the standard deduction. 

Charitable Trusts 

You can set up an Annuity Trust or a Unitrust. These allow you to make a notable donation that helps Strawberry Fields either now or in the future.  

Insurance Designations 

Use your life insurance to leave a lasting gift by making Strawberry Fields your beneficiary. 

By choosing any of these options, you are helping to ensure the continued success and impact of Strawberry Fields for years to come. Thank you for considering a legacy gift! 

To discuss the opportunity of making a planned gift to our organization, please reach out to Jeannine Lozier either via email at or by calling 814-234-6023. If you've already arranged for a legacy gift, we kindly ask that you notify us of your intentions so we can express our gratitude. 

Always consult with a tax professional or financial advisor about specifics related to estate planning and charitable giving. 

Gifts of Property

Please contact Jeannine Lozier at 814-234-1439 or to learn more. 

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