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David Pasquinelli Memorial Fund

The Strawberry Fields Board of Directors established the

David Pasquinelli Memorial Fund in loving memory of

David Pasquinelli, the dearly missed son of Strawberry Fields, CEO, Cindy Pasquinelli. 


This fund is created as an enduring tribute to David's life and spirit. As of now, the specific utilization of the fund's resources to further the mission of Strawberry Fields is under thoughtful consideration by the Pasquinelli family. The fund is currently classified as a permanently restricted endowment, ensuring its longevity and impact. We eagerly anticipate sharing the plans for the funds use to support our advancements as soon as the family finalizes them. 


We warmly invite you to join us in honoring David's memory by contributing to the David Pasquinelli Memorial Fund. Your support will help continue the legacy of care and innovation that defines Strawberry Fields. To donate, click here.

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