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Bright Gradient

Our Board of Directors

Phil Vollmer - Board President.jpg

"With a deep commitment to our mission, each board member brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, contributing their unique perspectives to crucial decision-making processes. Their dedication ensures that our organization operates transparently, ethically, and in alignment with our core values. Beyond their roles as leaders, our Board of Directors serves as advocates, ambassadors, and catalysts for progress, propelling us forward on our journey of positive impact and sustained success."

Philip Vollmer

Board President

Barbara Ziff - Board VP.jpg

Barbara Ziff

Vice President

George McMurtry - Board Treasurer.jpg

George McMurtry


Patricia Devecka  -Board Secretary.jpg

Patricia Devecka


Ellen Campbell - Board Member.jpg

Ellen Campbell

Board Director

Lorraine Spock -Board Member.jpg

Lorraine Spock

Board Director

Lynn Rogers - Board Member.jpg

Lynn Rogers

Board Director

Alison Smith - Board Member.jpg

Alison Smith

Board Director

Dave Weakland.jpg (1).jpg

Dave Weakland

Board Member


Ken Cutler

Board Director


Jenna Franks

Board Director


Adam Fernsler

Board Director


Rebecca Swentosky

Board Director


Karl Werner

Board Director

LaRae's  (1).png

Anne Kelly


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