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Social Enterprises

Strawberry Fields has watched the people we support struggle to gain and keep employment. The unemployment rate for adults with disabilities is upwards of 80%. We wanted to be a part of the solution. Hiring people with disabilities fosters a culture of diversity that enriches creativity and problem-solving. Individuals with disabilities bring unique perspectives and innovative approaches driving overall success.

We operate two businesses that employ adults with Autism, intellectual disabilities, and mental health diagnoses: Scraps & Skeins and Good Day Café. 


Good Day Café is a coffee shop serving Rothrock Coffee

and Espresso, Thunder Thunder Tea, and various breakfast and lunch items. Located in the Hamilton Square Shopping Center (286 W. Hamilton Avenue), our café has ample parking, free WIFI and outdoor seating. Our hashtag, #CoffeeWithACause, is a salute to our unique mission of employing adults with disabilities.


“Good Day Café is a joint effort of many local partners who share our dream of a future that holds inclusion, acceptance and employment for an underserved

group of people,”

-Cindy Pasquinelli, CEO

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Scraps & Skeins is a creative reuse store which through the rescue and resale of sewing, knitting, quilting and other such materials supports Strawberry Fields’ programs. Our store mission is multi-faceted: to provide job development opportunities for men and women facing mental health challenges; to offer the community affordable creative materials beautifully arranged in an inviting shop, to offer an outlet for knitters and quilters to pass on overflow materials, to save reusable textiles from the landfill, and to promote the concept that reuse is beautiful!

The shop is located directly behind Strawberry Fields and is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every 3rd Saturday of the month from 10am-2pm. 

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