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Empowering Individuals & Enriching Lives

Our founders dreamed of a time when people with disabilities would be accepted and recognized for their unique contributions to our community. More than 50 years later, the founders had the same desires, needs and wishes that our families have today. Our mission then and now is to create opportunities, provide support and improve the lives of those we serve.

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Our History

Founded out of love for their children with intellectual disabilities, a group of family members started Strawberry Fields on a farm in Yarnell, PA in 1972. At that time, the only alternative was placement in a state operated facility. These institutions had a long history of segregation and isolation. 

We are an organization that has been designed by and for those in need of programs and services. In all areas of programming, our various departments strive to provide services based on need and personal choice. We strive to empower the families and individuals we serve to make choices which lead to rich and rewarding lives.

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Bright Gradient

From its humble beginnings on that farm to its present-day achievements, our journey has been marked by unwavering commitment, pioneering spirit, and a profound impact on the community we serve. Over the years, we have overcome challenges, celebrated milestones, and evolved with the changing times, all while staying true to our core mission. Our history is a testament to the dedication of countless individuals who have contributed their time, passion, and expertise to shape our organization into what it is today – a beacon of hope, a force for positive change, and a source of inspiration for generations to come. As we reflect on our history, we are energized to continue forging ahead, driven by the same spirit that guided us from the very beginning.

Cynthia Pasquinelli

Chief Executive Officer

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