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Join the #IAmEarlyIntervention Campaign. Share Your Story and Make a Difference

Strawberry Fields invites you to be part of the #IAmEarlyIntervention campaign, a celebration of the impact of Early Intervention (EI) services. In partnership with the Early Intervention Providers Association (EIPA), we aim to spotlight the crucial services and support systems that enable children with developmental delays or disabilities to thrive.

If these essential services have touched your family, we encourage you to share your journey. Please share your story via social media using the hashtag #IAmEarlyIntervention or send your account directly to Jeannine Lozier, Director of Development and Community Engagement, at to be part of a #IAmEarlyIntervention story collage.

When sharing your story, please include any format that best captures your experience, whether it's a written narrative, photos, or videos. We welcome submissions of all lengths and types, as each story is unique and invaluable.

Strawberry Fields is dedicated to championing accessible, high-quality EI services for all children in need within our region. We are committed to ensuring that every child can reach their fullest potential.

By sharing your stories, you not only raise awareness about the importance of these services but you also inspire and empower other families navigating similar journeys.

Let's build a brighter future, one story at a time.


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