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Strawberry Fields Honors Excellence and Impact at Making a Difference Awards Night

At Strawberry Fields, making a positive impact is at the core of everything we do. However, once a year, we pause to shine a spotlight on extraordinary individuals who have gone above and beyond. Our annual Making a Difference Awards Night celebrates the remarkable achievements of our consumers, staff, volunteers, and community champions.  

Our latest Making a Difference Awards Ceremony was an evening filled with inspiration and gratitude. More than just recognition, it was a collective acknowledgment of the journeys, struggles, and triumphs within our Strawberry Fields community. Each of the 13 awards presented to twenty-two individuals spotlighted individual and team excellence. 

"The Making a Difference Awards are all about celebrating Team Strawberry – the achievements, the perseverance, and the dedication that fuels our work. That's worth celebrating," shares Cindy Pasquinelli, CEO.  

As we honor this year's awardees, we invite the entire Strawberry Fields community – donors, stakeholders, and volunteers, to join us in this moment of reflection and celebration. Your support and belief in our mission empower us to continue making a difference. 

Award Winners Spotlight 

STEPHEN C. JOYCE STAFF AWARD:  Ryan Killian sets a stellar example through his unwavering commitment, inspiring all within our organization. 

STEPHEN C. JOYCE CONSUMER AWARD:  Tim Riggall embodies the incredible power of perseverance and determination, showcasing the impact of steadfast resolve. 

AMELIA S. HARDING STAFF AWARD:  Sierra Saylor's service and dedication inspire and motivate us daily through her exceptional commitment. 

AMELIA S. HARDING CONSUMER AWARD:  Amy Nevling represents the essence of achieving personal milestones, demonstrating the strength found in personal growth. 

EARLY INTERVENTION AWARD:  Jennifer Schulz, a committed pillar of the Early Intervention program, consistently demonstrates excellence in her efforts. 

ADMINISTRATIVE AWARD:  Fran McDermid showcasing inspiring leadership and mentorship. 

SCRAPS & SKEINS EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR:  Julie Burris has grown her skills and can manage all positions at the shop. 

GOOD DAY CAFE EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR:  Zack Williams creates a welcoming atmosphere at the café, embodying the spirit of hospitality. 

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR:  Marie Jury has quickly become an indispensable team member, making a significant impact from the outset. 

UNSUNG HERO AWARD: Joe Apfelbaum, known for his positive and steady presence, is always ready to help, making him a valued support within our community.  

COMMUNITY CHAMPION AWARD: Dan Peters of Dick's Homecare has been recognized for his unwavering dedication to assisting consumers, embodying the spirit of proper assistance and support. 

ELLEN CAMPBELL AWARD (VOLUNTEER): Carol Wolnick is a dedicated volunteer who generously gives her time and talents at Scraps & Skeins. 

TEAM STRAWBERRY AWARD: Mental Health (Blended) Case Management exemplifies teamwork and support for one another and consumers, embodying collaborative success. 


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