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Update on Advocacy Efforts and How You Can Help

Strawberry Fields is committed to strengthening the support system for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism (ID/A). 

Key senior leaders from Strawberry Fields will attend the 2024 Rehabilitation & Community Providers Association (RCPA) Capital Day in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They aim to collaborate with fellow advocates to endorse this year's budget proposal, which calls for vital investments into the ID/A system. 

Proposed Budget Highlights: 

  • The proposed State budget requests an investment exceeding $480 million to aid ID/A-related programs. 

  • The investment breakdown includes $217 million from state funds and $266 million from federal funds. 

  • This represents a proposed 12% increase in reimbursement rates paid to ID/A programs that employ direct support professionals (DSPs) to address the workforce crisis. 

How You Can Contribute: 

Visit Pennsylvania Advocacy and Resources for Autism and Intellectual Disability (PAR) website to quickly send a prepared message to your local state representatives and senators advocating for the budget.  

Contact Your Elected Officials Directly: 

Call or email your state Representative and Senator to support the funding increase for the ID/A system. You can locate your legislator here: 

We encourage your participation in these advocacy efforts. Your support is invaluable—thank you! 


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