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Strawberry Fields Enhances Accessibility for Residents

For the better part of 2023, Strawberry Fields has been working on 17 distinct accessibility improvement projects in several of our Intellectual Disability residential programs. These renovations, made possible by a generous grant from the Lutheran Foundation for Long-Term Living, ensure our residents can live comfortably and safely as their needs evolve. 

The accessibility improvement projects encompassed: 

  • 10 Bathroom renovations: 

  • Seamless-entry showers 

  • Handheld shower units 

  • Toilets at a convenient height with sturdy handrails 

  • Installation of outdoor wheelchair ramps 

  • Improved walkways provide easier access to outdoor spaces 

  • Expansion of an overhead lift system 

At the core of these improvements is our dedication to ensuring our homes are equipped to cater to the diverse needs and mobility levels of our residents now and in the future, allowing them to age in place comfortably and safely.  

These improvements acknowledge the diverse needs of our residents and empower them to move freely and independently within their homes. We are incredibly grateful to the Lutheran Foundation for Long-Term Living for sharing our commitment to accessible and inclusive living for all.  

Special thanks to our residents and staff for their patience and adaptability during these renovations. Their support has been crucial in overcoming construction hurdles and minimizing resident disruptions. 

A snippet of one of the projects completed:




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